Новый курс английского языка для 8 класса
О. В. Афанасьева, И. В. Михеева «Английский язык. 8 класс». Тексты аудиозаписей к рабочим тетрадям.
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Тексты аудиозаписей к рабочим тетрадям
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UNIT 5. WORKBOOK Listening Section

  • № 17 к упражнению 1. Popular over the World

  • № 18 к упражнению 2. Winter Olympics

  • № 19 к упражнению 3. Max's Swimming Classes

  • Test 5. № 20 к упражнению 1. Racing

  • № 17 к упражнению 1.
    Popular over the World

  • Text A

    Can you run 42 kilometres at a time? Thousands of joggers dream of it. What's more, they want to see if they can come first. Once a year lots of big cities, such as London and New York, organize popular running races and make them important sporting events. Traffic stops in the busiest streets. Reporters write about them and make TV programmes. Elderly people and pre-schoolers, famous people and even invalids discuss these races and take part in the event.

    Text В

    This game is famous all over the world. Usually men and boys play it though nowadays there are women teams, too. Each team has got 11 players, one of them is a goalkeeper. Players use a round ball and they mustn't touch it with their hands.

    Text С

    This game is famous in Australia, France, South Africa, Argentina, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and New Zealand. Usually men and boys play it. There are 13 players in each of the two teams. Sometimes people say it is a type of football but players can take the ball which is oval in their hands.

  • № 18 к упражнению 2.
    Winter Olympics

  • Here are some facts about what happened for the first time at the Winter Olympic Games or, as people call them for short, 'the Winter Olympics'. The first Winter Olympics took place in 1926. Though some winter sports such as figure skating had been events of some Summer Olympic Games before. The first Winter Olympics that people could watch on TV were the VIIth Olympic Games in 1956. That was also the year when the Soviet Union first entered the Olympic Games. The Soviet team immediately showed their strength and won more medals than any other nation.
    At the VIIIth Winter Olympic Games in 1960, early computers helped the organizers to count the results.
    The Xth Winter Olympiad in 1968 for the first time, though not officially, chose the first Symbol of the Olympic Games. It was 'Schuss', a skier.
    The XIIIth Winter Olympics became famous because there was the snow which was not real. It was not necessary to wait for snowfalls any longer and be afraid of the rise in temperature.
    The 1994 Olympic Winter Games, or the XVIIth Winter Olympics took place just two years after the XVIth Winter Olympics, because the International Olympic Committee had decided not to hold the Winter Games in the same year as the Summer Games of the Olympiad any longer.

  • № 19 к упражнению 3.
    Max's Swimming Classes

  • >Grandpa: Now, Max, will you get up from the chair at last and take your bag away?

    >Max:No, Grandpa. I mean, I can't move. My swimming classes are terribly hard. My back hurts and I am so tired.

    >Grandpa: I didn't know you did sports.

    >Max: That's my doctor. He recommended me a swimming programme to fight my colds.

    >Grandpa: Very clever of him! It's time for you to start. As a schoolboy I went to the swimming pool regularly and was hardly ever ill. In fact, I had learnt to swim before school.

    >Max: Me too. Grandpa, you forget.

    >Grandpa: Oh, yes! Of course! Your instructor didn't send you to the beginners' class, did he?

    >Max: No, he didn't. Mr Page said it would be of no use for me. You know, I was really proud and decided to try very hard, and I did. John Amy, my friend, and the other boys were alright after the class and Mr Page said I had done well for the first time. But now I feel so tired and sleepy.

    >Grandpa: Have a good rest for half an hour. Just lie down on the sofa and relax. And don't you turn on the TV! I'll make you a strong cup of tea with cheese sandwiches.

  • Test 5
    № 20 к упражнению 1.

  • Do you have problems throwing a basketball? Do your friends become angry with you when you miss a ball? Do you think you have no talent for sport because you are not always a useful member of your team? Don't give up! These are sports that may be perfect for you.
    This is what Austen says about his sports activities. Why not follow his example? "I race. Really fast. I am on the race team at school. It is a team, but every person does their individual thing. Mistakes that I make are mine only and they do not make others on the team angry. You are running against the others but still you belong to a team. I love the fact that your instructor can give you individual time instead of just talking to the group. One of my friends thinks racing is easy. But he's wrong. It's really hard but it is also a great thrill. It's very enjoyable and also great exercise! Everyone is always saying how fast I run because I'm probably the fastest boy in the class. After school I love to race my dog in the park. My dog is 7 years old and still runs faster than me! It's our favourite pastime as we both have fun!"