Test 1.

  1. This is the most . . . . . . concert I‘ve ever been to. (Expense)
  2. Her husband’s not a very……person. (Patience)
  3. Susan is very……and wants to do well. (Ambition)
  4. Show some……. Don’t you like the idea? (Enthuse)
  5. Her problem is that she has not enough……in herself. (Confide)
  6. Dan is really very……, even rude sometimes. (Polite)
  7. I haven’t been to the cinema…… . (Recent)
  8. Mary…… and they never saw her again. (Appear)

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Test in word-building

1. Определите, к какой части речи относятся данные слова. Переведите их:

Beautiful, function, artist, musician, heartless, economic, worker, badly, act, action, active, basic, fruitless, population, movement, historic, democratic, work, daily, literature, pic­ture, organization, friendship, highly, leader, fight, fighter, national, im­pressive, hopeful, hopeless, beautiful, special, specialist, define, definition, humanism, humanist, humanistic, use, useful, useless. Continue reading


Ex. 1. Переведите следующие слова, выделите в них суффиксы и префиксы:

Untrue, prehistoric, ultramodern, postwar, ex-champion, anti-body, de­ compose, decode, deform, depart, discover, disappearance, reread, re­construct, coauthor, unequal, misunderstand, undress, disarm, anti-fascist, cooperation, co-existence, interaction, superhuman, ultra-violet. Continue reading