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Shops and Shopping - Магазины и покупки

American Shopping Habits

Shopping is the favorite pastime of many Americans. They usually go to big shopping centers called malls that have a variety of boutiques, department stores and restaurants. Chain stores like J.C. Penney or The Gap are also found in malls.

Everything is indoors, so you can walk from store to store without worrying about traffic or bad weather. Malls are air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the w inter, and they have large parking lots where you can park easily.

Some malls provide free entertainment. There might be a band playing rock music or a puppet show for children. Child-care facilities are sometimes available, so children can play safely while their parents shop.

People who live or work in large cities still shop at local stores in downtown where most department stores are located. Many cities have pedestrianized shopping areas with specialty stores and restaurants that are like outdoor malls.

Many Americans are bargain hunters who shop at outlets that sell merchandize at a discount, so it is usually cheaper than at regular stores. Merchandize is also discounted in regular stores. An item on sale can cost as Htile as half the normal price. Sales arc advertised in newspapers, on the radio, on TV or by mail.

Stores compete with each other by reducing their prices and staying open in the evening. Many are open seven days a week and sometimes until 9.00 at night.

Shoppers can use their credit cards to charge almost everything they buy. Buying something with a credit card can be more convenient than paying for it right away with cash. There are many different kinds of credit cards. Many people end up in debt to credit-card companies because they have trouble paying off their credit-card bills.

Mail-order shopping has become very popular because it saves time. Shoppers use credit cards to pay for something over the phone after they've seen it advertized in a mail-order catalog, on TV or in a newspaper or magazine. A number of mail-order companies accept phone orders twenty-four hours a day and most have toll-free numbers.


boutique — небольшой магазин женской одежды, модная лавка
chain stores — однотипные розничные магазины одной фирмы, сетевые магазины
indoors — в помещении
to worry — беспокоиться
to provide — предоставлять, обеспечивать
entertainment — развлечения
puppet show — кукольное представление
child-care facilities — детские игровые комнаты
available — имеющийся в наличии, доступный
downtown — деловая часть города, центр
pedestrianized — пешеходный
specialty shop — фирменный магазин
outdoor — на улице, на открытом воздухе
bargain hunter — завсегдатай распродаж, ищущий дешевых покупок
outlet — торговая точка, специализированный магазин
merchandize — товары
discount — скидка
regular — обычный
item — изделие, отдельное наименование товара sale — распродажа по сниженным ценам
to advertize — рекламировать
to compete — соревноваться, конкурировать
to reduce — снижать, уменьшать
to charge — записывать на счет, оплачивать
convenient — удобный
cash — наличные деньги
debt — долг
bill — счет
to accept — принимать
toll-free — бесплатный


1. Do Americans enjoy shopping?
2. What is a mall? Can you describe it?
3. What sort of shoppers are Americans?
4. Do they like to buy brand-name goods?
5. How can Americans learn about sales?
6. How can Americans pay for the goods?
7. Which way is more convenient for them?
8. What kind of shopping has recently become very popular?

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