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  • Shops and Shopping - Магазины и покупки

    Shopping: Dialogues - AT A DEPARTMENT STORE

    — Hello, can I help you?

    — I'd like a pair of trainers, please.

    — What size?

    — Size 42, please.

    — Try this pair on. They are the cheapest and the lightest.

    — They are rather small. Besides, I don't want the cheapest. I would like the best.

    — Try these ones then. They are bigger and more comfortable. But they are more expensive.

    — How much are they? -$20.

    — I think they are great. I'll take them.

    — Here you are. You are welcome.

    2. Ivan: Hello, could you show me one of those T-shirts?

    Shop Assistant: Here's a nice one. What size?

    Ivan: Size 44, I think

    .Shop Assistant: Yes, here's one.

    Ivan: How much is it?

    Shop Assistant: £4.50.

    Ivan: Here's £5.00.

    Shop Assistant: That's 50 pence change. You are welcome.

    Mike (later): Can I see your new T-shirt? Oh, it's very smart, but it's not your size. Let's go and change it?

    Ivan (back to the shop): Could you change this T-shirt, please?

    Shop Assistant: Why? What's wrong with it?

    Ivan: It's too big for me. Have you got them in a smaller size?

    Shop Assistant: How about this one?

    Ivan: Can I try it on?

    Shop Assistant: Certainly. Here is the changing room.

    Ivan: I think that's better. Russian and British sizes aren't the same. Thanks a lot. Shop Assistant: Not at all. You are welcome.


    — Hello. I'm looking for a pair of shoes.

    — We've got a lot. What kind of shoes would you like?

    — Some of those, please. On the top shelf.

    — OK. Would you like the blаск shoes or the brown ones?

    — The black ones, I think.

    — What about this pair?

    — Oh, no, they are too boring. May I try on those on the left shelf?

    — Certainly. Here you are.

    — Super! They are just what I wanted. How much are they?

    — Six pounds.

    — All right. I'll take them.

    — Here you are. You are welcome.

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