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    Shopping: Dialogues - CHOOSING A PRESENT

    — Hello, I'm looking for a present for my sister. Can you help me, please?

    — Certainly. What kind of present would you like?

    — Well, I haven't decided yet.

    — Don't you think that a nice doll would be just the thing for her?

    — I'm not quite sure. She's a schoolgirl, very serious and she doesn't play with dolls.

    — What about a good book then?

    — A book? What a good idea! She enjoys reading.

    — What sort of books does she prefer?

    — Adventures, I think.

    — I think you should buy "The Adventures of Tom Soyer" by Mark Twain.

    — No, it's too childish, I'm afraid.

    — What about "Ivanhoe" by Walter Scott. It's about love and adventures.

    — Oh, yes. It's great. How much?

    — It costs 5 pounds.

    — It's not loo expensive. I'll take it. Thank you.

    — Here you are. You are welcome.

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