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  • Shops and Shopping - Магазины и покупки Shopping - Покупки
    When we want to buy something, we go to a shop. - Когда мы хотим что-нибудь купить, мы идем в магазин.
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    Family Shopping - Всей семьей за покупками
    My family usually go shopping on Saturday. - Моя семья обычно отправляется за покупками по субботам.
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    My Usual Shopping Round - Ежедневные покупки
    We go shopping every day. - Мы ходим за покупками каждый день.
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    Shopping in the United Kingdom. - Об английских магазинах.
    I would like to tell you about shopping in the United Kingdom. - Я хотел бы рассказать вам о магазинах в Соединенном Королевстве.
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    American Food
    When we speak about American food, we always imagine hamburgers and hot dogs, fried chicken and giant steaks. But in fact Americans eat every kind of food imaginable, even spaghetti and pizza. The expression "as American as apple pie" means something that is typically American, but even apple pie came from somewhere else.
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    American Shopping Habits
    Shopping is the favorite pastime of many Americans. They usually go to big shopping centers called malls that have a variety of boutiques, department stores and restaurants.
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    British Shopping Habits
    The British are not very adventurous shoppers. They like reliability and buy brand-name goods wherever possible, preferably with the price clearly marked. They are not very keen on haggling over prices.
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    Eating Habits in Britain
    The traditional British breakfast is a cooked meal of bacon, eggs and sausages, preceded by cereal or fruit and followed by toast. Nowadays this large meal is served mainly in hotels and is very popular with foreign visitors. Britons may eat this big breakfast at weekends or on special occasions but they prefer a smaller, healthier meal to start a normal day.
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    Shops in Britain
    In all big cities of deal Britain there are a lot of department stores. They are big shops where you can find almost everything you want and which offer a wide choice of things. The most famous British department store, Harrods, started as a small grocery shop in 1849. The present store has more than 300 departments and a staff of over 4,000 people. The display in the food hall is amazing.
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    Some people like shopping, others don't but they all have to go shopping at least once a week. Our family usually does the shopping on Saturdays or Sundays. We have a lot of supermarkets near our block of flats, but we prefer to go to the nearest "hypermarket" which sells a rich variety of items.
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