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    Dialogue - traditional British food

    — Can you tell me about traditional British food?

    — Well, British eating habits don't differ much from those on the continent, but of course we have some traditional dishes.

    — Which traditional dishes would you recommend us to try?

    — First of all, you should try fish and chips. It can be found in all cities and towns. If you visit Scotland, try Haggis, a national Scottish dish.

    — Haggis? What is it?

    — Well, it is made mainly from sheep's heart, lungs and liver, but it is very tasty.

    — And what do you usually eat for breakfast?

    — If you stay in a hotel, you will be offered a traditional British breakfast: bacon and eggs, sausages, preceded by cereal or fruit salad and followed by tea or coffee with toast.

    — And when do you usually have dinner?

    — As a rule, we have dinner between 6 and 8 o'clock in the evening, and in the afternoon British people usually have lunch. Most pubs serve snacks at lunchtime.

    — Thank you very much. I'm sure this information will help me in my journey.


    — This meat is really lovely.

    — Oh, thank you. I'm glad you like it. I thought we would have something special for your first meal with us.

    — Thank you. That was very nice of you.

    — Now, are there any things you don't like?

    — Well, I'm not very keen on liver.

    — Oh, that's all right. We don't like it either. I was thinking of having fish or chicken tomorrow. Which would you prefer?

    — I think I'd rather have chicken, please.

    — And later in the week I was thinking of making a curry. Do you like hot food?

    — Well, to be honest, curry doesn't agree with me.

    — Oh, that's a pity.

    — Please don't mind me. You carry on and have curry and I'll just have something light.

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