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Shops and Shopping - Магазины и покупки

Dialogues: VISIT A PUB

— I'm going to London next week. What would you advise me to see there?

— Of course, you should try to see as much as possible. First of all, you should visit the main places of interest and make a guided tour of the city.

— Yes, the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, the British Museum are included into our itinerary. But where can I go in the evening?

— If you want to experience the real atmosphere of the British life, you should by all means visit a pub.

-A pub? What is it?

— A pub is a traditional British institution. Most countries have cafes, and in some countries people have even tried to imitate the pub. But the British pubs are unique and very special.

— What is so special about the pub?

— First of all, every pub is different. It is someone's house that is open to the public and the true English pub acquires more of the character of the people that live and work there.

— What can we buy in a pub?

— It's a place where you can buy a drink and enjoy the company of friends. Besides, most pubs serve snacks, and some pubs serve excellent hot meals.

— Thank you for your advice. I'm sure I'll spend an excellent time in a pub.

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