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    VISITING A PUB - practical

    Practical : a user guide to English pubs

    One thing that often surprises foreign visitors is that in pubs there is no table service. If you go in for a drink, there's no point sitting round a table near the fire, or outside on a beautiful summer day, waiting for the bartender to come and take your order. He won't. It's up to customers, or one of them, to go to the bar, place orders, and return to the table with the drinks once these have been poured .

    The same goes for food; if you decide to go for a pub meal, you normally have to order at the bar, and after that - depending on the pub - you will be given an order number, or a table number, or, if it's a very small pub, just remembered by the barman. In some pubs, your meal will then be brought to your table once it's been prepared; in others, you'll need to keep listening until someone behind the bar calls out your number, and you go and pick it up on a tray at from the bar.

    Generally speaking, in pubs, food and drink are paid for upfront, i.e. when ordered, not after you have finished. On the other hand, if you are staying as a guest in an inn, and go for a drink or a meal in the bar downstairs, you can have it added to your bill.

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