Таблица спряжения глагола to have

Present Indefinite Present Continuous Present Perfect
I have I am having I have had
he has he is having he has had
we have we are having we have had
you have you are having you have had
they have they are having they have had
Past Indefinite Past Continuous Past Perfect
I had I was having I had had
he had he was having he had had
we had we were having we had had
you had you were having you had had
they had they were having they had had
Future Indefinite Future Continuous Future Perfect
I shall / will have I shall / will be having I shall / will have had
he will have he will be having he will have had
we shall / will have we shall / will be having we shall / will have had
you will have you will be having you will have had
they will have they will be having they will have had
Future Indefinite in the Past Future Continuous in the Past Future Perfect in the Past
I should / would have I should / would be having I should / would have had
he would have he would be having he would have had
we should / would have we should / would be having we should / would have had
you would have you would be having you would have had
they would have they would be having they would have had